A little background story! I once decided to move for 3 months to Norway to learn to do nothing. I had been utterly busy with 2 studies, a master studies in Holland and a vocal technique study in Copenhagen, an intense tour with A Tribute to Eva Cassidy, 3 days per week of teaching. It was too much. I burnt out. Like so many these days. I am not the exception unforunately. But one day I just decided I would leave with my Opel Corsa to be on my own for 3 months. The first tiny wooden house I stayed in was called Odelien 73.2. When I arrived there, I felt this was a name for the future to remember. And so I adopted ODELION as my new artist name. I like to play in different constellations to keep myself hungry to play my own songs, with talented people. So here’s how I work:

ODELION SOLO: me, myself and I sing, play piano, guitar and ukelele

ODELION DUO: me and Vera van der Bie on violin, vocals, singing saw and more

ODELION BAND: me, Arie Storm on guitar, Michelle Courtens on cello, Cord Heineking on bass, Willem van der Krabben on drums



Picture by YANI


This is a brand new project that I started working on beginning of 2017. I was asked to record a new cd, but had just finished recording for my ODELION debut album. Who was I going to record with then? I found Jeroen van Vliet, Westside Trio and Louk Boudesteijn on trombone, Pablo Martínez on bass trombone & Romain Bly on french horn to make a fine record. We are mixing it as we speak and it is due spring 2020! More news soon!


Margriet Sjoerdsma: vocals, Jeroen van Vliet: piano, Westside Trio on strings, Louk Boudesteijn: trombone, Pablo Martínez: bass trombone, Romain Bly: horn



Picture by Karen van Gilst