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OOR: ‘ODELION is a new Dutch pearl that needs to be discovered’
Hi there!
I am working on a lot of music behind the scenes. We have done two amazing concerts in LantarenVenster and Paradiso with the band and had such fun! Truly one of the best performances ever. Thank you for coming out and celebrating with us the birth of an album and 4 years of work. I will be releasing more music these coming months, be sure to follow me on instagram where I regularly post my stories to give you some insight in the life of a musician and follow me on Spotify to be the first to hear my new music! You know my album is all about forgiveness, so I encourage you to forgive me for being a bit slow with my release of my music, but they feel like my children and I want to send them safely and fullgrown into the world, with a team that has my back. So stay tuned!


✨Such a nice shot @melscharroo took before the show in @paradisoadam this weekend. We had a great time, thank you all for coming out!
I have fallen in love with my band once again! A big shoutout to all the people tagged here, I love working with you! @floriscnossen for the amazing lightshow, @joneski_samsound for the wonderful sound. Thanks again to all the people who contributed via @voordekunst and the great atmosphere during the show. You were so quiet and attentive!
I am happy and yes I feel blessed. As I already said: Forgiveness is the big theme on my cd, it’s given me a lot of peace and happiness. Now let’s forgive some more! May it light your path as well.

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Picture by Melissa Scharroo