ODELION, an Amsterdam based singer and songmaker, can feel lonesome and lost in the middle of a crowd, but completely at peace on her own. To hear her own voice and heartbeat, she likes to escape citylife from time to time. Especially after periods of struggle and grief. 

ODELION’s debutalbum came to life in beautiful Norway. Inpired by the deafening silence of the Nordic landscape she wrote 12 intimate songs during a 3 month solo stay. In a tiny wooden house, far, far away from the hectics of daily life. With the comfort of not having to go anywhere but inside. Alone. Norway was the ideal scenery to write about never ending themes like letting go, daring to jump, loneliness, love and bewilderment. A time for reflection, of meditation and most and foremost: forgiveness.

This is an album about heartbreak. And not just in the romantic sense. It’s about breaking our own very heart. And doing it over and over again. Until we become so fed up with pointing the finger that we are forced to take another route. 

As ODELION writes in her song Forgiveness: ‘I can’t heal the heart that longs to stay broken but doesn’t know it, that’s been cut open by too many words unspoken, it was left with expectations and their disappointments.’ 

The band is a wonderful mix of characters with:

Me! I am at my best singing, but I also play piano and occasionally guitar and ukelele. (and some violin at home)

Michelle Courtens playing cello makes your heart break. It's even better when she sings with it. I love singing with her. 

Arie Storm, the virtuoso guitar player that can play practically everything

Cord Heineking, our tough bass monster on acoustic and electric bass

Willem van der Krabben grooving on the drums




My new single Blue Eyed Boy out Oct 5th!

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